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Faerie Kingdom Rd
Penobscot, ME, 04476
United States

Ron King is a weaver, farmer, and pacifist living and working on a small farm in Maine. 


About working with gourds
Gourds have been used by humans as containers for thousands of years. Gourd fragments have been found along with human remains in many different cultures throughout the world. Before there was pottery, before there were baskets, there were gourd containers.


As an artist and farmer, I appreciate the organic quality of gourds. They start out as a delicate vegetable and in drying they evolve into a very light, hard container.

I combine various organic elements such as feathers, pearls, porcupine quills, other beads, gold and silver leaf, mother of pearl buttons, and dyes with the gourds.

Coming from a weaving and textile background, sewing the embellishments on the gourds is a very natural way to combine these elements.

When use I gold leaf on the insides of the gourd, the vessels become containers of mystery.